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Neu-Becalm'd (Core Formula)
Spinoffs - Recovery Specific:
Neu-Recover (Depressants)
Neu-Replenish (Stimulants)
Neu-Relieve (Benzos)
Neu-Slim (Carbohydrates)

A Life Changing Mission

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is also effective in long term maintenance, (of  proven addiction recovery programs,) starting  with sister products:

If you have a Neu-Becalm'd story or testimonial that you would like to share, you are at the right place.  Help others find Neu-Becalm'd, it's a good feeling.

Take just a few minutes now, and let the world know you care, and that Neu-Becalm'd is FOR REAL!

PLUS, just to show how much WE care.   We will send the Gary Lamb CD "Language of Love" that MusicInTheClassroom.com recommends for ADD / ADHD'ers,  just for making the effort.

What could be better and easier than telling your story in you own voice. 
It will mean the most to people, and is actually easiest and quickest for you to do.  All you have to do is make a phone call to a toll free number, and leave your message on the voice mail system.

Just follow these simple, quick and easy instructions:

Take a few minutes to think about what you would like to say someone trying to make up their minds about trying Neu-Neu-Becalm'd. Think about what led you to try it, and the impact it has had on you, your child, or family member's life.  Consider recommending that they strongly consider trying it for themselves and their children, etc.  Use only your first name and your city and state of residence. Something like: Hello I'm (FIRST NAME) from (YOUR CITY / STATE).....  It can be up to five minutes long.

Simply say what you feel, it's more believable if it's spontaneous, rather than practiced.



Should our attendant answer, tell them you want to leave a testimonial message.  They will hang up and not answer when you call back.  When you redial, it will ring until the voicemail answers.  Then you're ready to go.

Here's the last thing.  So that we will know which recording belongs to whom, and be able to send the free CD, you must simply  send us an email telling us you have completed it.  Include your name and postal address so that we can send you the free ADHD therapy Compact Disk.

That's it!  It's really easier than it seems.  Give it a try RIGHT NOW.

Thank you, and good luck.  


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